Margarita Glass-14 oz

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Margarita Glass 14oz Soy Candle.

With wood wick.

Our candles are all hand-poured, using only the best ingredients including all natural cotton wicks, 100% Pure Ecosoya Soywax, & blended with Shea Butter for a more Moisturizing Effect.

No Paraffin or other Petroleum additives. Lead Free Wicks., and pure essential oils or cosmetic grade fragrance oils.

We use the maximum amount of scent that the soy wax will hold to give you a strong scented high quality candle.

You should burn your candle 1 hour for each inch of its diameter, until you receive a full melt pool (soy wax is melted across the entire top).

For example: a candle 3″ in diameter should be burned for two hours to establish it’s memory. This allows your candle to get its full melt pool which will increase the scent throw of the candle. If a soy candle isn’t given a proper memory burn, especially on the first burn, it will cause your soy candle to burn in a tunnel down the center and you will not get a good scent throw from the candle.


Our wide selection of Essential scents make for a very relaxing or Romantic Experience.

Burn Time ~ 130 hours

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Weight 1.1875 lbs
Dimensions 0.750 × 0.333 × 0.750 in

Apple Harvest, Baby Majic, Baby Powder, Black Cherry, Brandied Pear, Chocolate Fudge, Chrome (for men), Cinnamon & Vanilla, Clean Cotton, Coconut, Coconut Lime, Cucumber Melon, Cucumber Mint, DKNY Be Delicious, Energy (Lemongrass), Fresh Linen, Gardenia, Grape, Grapefruit & Mangosteen, Green Tea, Hemp, Honeysuckle & Jasmine, Jamaican Fruit, Lavender, Love Spell, Mango Papaya, Macintosh Apple, Midnight Pomegranate, Mistletoe, Money $ (#1 Seller), Mulled Cider & Chestnut, Nag Champa, Peaches N’ Cream, Peanut Butter, Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Pink Sugar, Plumeria, Pumpkin Soufflé, Sage & Lavender, Sandalwood, Sex on the Beach, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Pea, Toasted Pumpkin Spice, Unscented, Vanilla Almond, Watermelon

1 review for Margarita Glass-14 oz

  1. Dion

    My Candle came in today and it smells so damn good. i got the toasted Pumpkin spice scent.
    i can smell it before i even opened the box.

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